Tutoring and Instruction

My career in education began in the early 1980’s as a tutor of reading with Native American children. I majored in education in college and graduated in 1985 with a dual major in education and special education, emphasis with the emotionally disturbed.

Since then I’ve taught in many environments from the inner city of San Francisco to rural New Mexico, to a private school in Guatemala to a private, for profit program in California targeting  unmotivated high school students from wealthy families.

After awhile, all this experience and exposure fine tuned my intuition and instructional techniques at reaching learners wherever they may be coming from. While my most obvious specialties are literacy and composition, I enjoy general math and logical reasoning as well.  I can also provide instruction in English as a second language with pre-teen and older students.

My graduate studies took me into creative writing, literature, and the social sciences and I acquired over 40 graduate credits in these subjects. I recently published a short article in the children’s magazine, Skipping Stones, about a trip to the Central American country of Guatemala. Currently I’m interested in going back to graduate school to study towards an MFA in Creative Writing.

This list specifies which student populations and subject areas I can most assist with:

Primary grades with challenges in reading and writing or needing enrichment; Special needs, English language learners

Primary grades needing math instruction and practice

K-8 students needing math instruction and practice through pre-algebra and beginning geometry

Test prep for those studying for the new GED 2014 and the SAT in reading and writing areas.

K-12 and college students, including English language learners and special needs students, needing assistance with composition, essays, and research projects in the social sciences and history, behavioral health, and education. Students will learn how to go about the research process and understand the importance of effective writing.

Beginning Spanish, grammar and pronunciation, for all grades.

Please email me at horizonsacademicserv@yahoo.com to discuss your or your child’s needs in any of these areas.


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